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The Birmingham Financial Forum is one of the largest student-run, financial conferences outside of London. We pride ourselves in inviting high quality speakers and industry-leading sponsors to maximise the benefit for our delegates.

The Financial Forum is a conference organised by students for students which aims to bring professionals, who excel in their fields, together to discuss, debate, and teach about the financial sector. In the past four years the Financial Forum has been a huge success. With hundreds of delegates attending, several hugely commendable speakers, and great sponsors, they were events not to be missed.

The day runs through a serious of hour long keynote presentations and panel discussions from key figures in the financial world. These sessions are broken up by mini-breaks and a lunch, in which delegates get the opportunity to reflect on the insight they've recieved, meet and discuss with like-minded students and start networking. The day ends with a wine and networking session with our sponsoring firms.

The 2014 Financial Forum is now over. As with previous years, the 2014 Financial Forum was held in the University of Birmingham's prestigious Great Hall, located right at the heart of campus, a venue which played host to the 3rd Prime Ministerial debate of the 2010 general election. The event last year was held on Friday 14th November 2014. The 2014 event reflected on the history of the financial sector and looked forward to what is in the future.

Visit the speaker and sponsor pages for more information on those that attended this year's conference.

The 2015 event will reflect upon the next 5 years in the financial world. The event will be held on Friday 30th October in the Great Hall, visit the about us 2015 page for more information.

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